Frequently Asked Questions

Does Backstage run on PCs, Macs or on-line?

Backstage runs on Windows PCs.  We chose the Windows platform because it allows Backstage to leverage the enormous power of Microsoft Office products which are used by many orchestras.  For example, Backstage can both import and export personnel contacts direct from your Outlook.  Backstage’s integrated word-processor saves all documents to the MS Word .doc/.docx format.  And, most impressively, the cost projection module can create an excel document with over 10000 lines and 100 sheets with each line linked by embedded excel formulas to allow you to analyse and experiment with every single cost and payment for an advanced season.

Online applications are simply not powerful enough to run reports of this complexity.  Backstage does however output its schedule to an online mobile app which can be read on all platforms of  tablets and mobiles.

We support the current Windows operating system and the two previous versions.  Currently we support Windows 8, Windows 7 & Windows XP.

Does Backstage work on mobile devices?

Yes.  Backstage continuously synchronises its database with an online mobile database that can be read on all mobiles and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows, Firefox…)  Built on the ground-breaking Sencha Touch Platform, it can store a year of your current schedule and 5 years of planning notes within the mobile browser allowing you to access the latest data with the speed and responsiveness of a desktop application.

Where is our data stored?

Backstage stores all your data in our online SQL database.  This allows you to run Backstage from any location provided a broadband internet connection is available.  We backup this database daily to two separate physical locations.

Does Backstage work for all sizes and types of orchestras?

Yes.  Backstage will work for both contract and freelance orchestras of all sizes.  The cost projection module concurrently runs two sets of payment rules; one for your contract players and one for your freelance players.

What level of support do you offer?

We offer full-time online support and will respond promptly to all support emails.  We also provide an extensive range of ‘how-to’ videos and .PDF documents that are linked directly to the Backstage.

We also offer on-site training as an optional extra.