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Overview of Backstage Software

This brief video provides a quick introduction to the full range of features offered by Backstage

0.00 Orchestral calendar viewed from mobiles
0.16 Quick to add and edit
0.29 Instrumentation is worked out and prepopulated player list generated for editing
0.43 Day sheet view allows all departments to add their data
0.52 All documents can be printed by integrated word processor
1.00 Mail merge and embedded templates allow complete design control over printing
1.09 Search and export reports to other formats
1.26 Export schedule to website and player mobile phones, outlook or excel
1.39 Cost projection can be viewed over actual and speculative projects

Setting the Day Status

See how to assign a status to unused days such as free day or holiday.

0.00 Introduction to Day Status – day in lieu, free day, holiday etc
0.20 Setting the Day status
0.40 Ascribe a status to a group of days

Adding New Project

See the speed and ease of both adding a new project using templates and also building templates

0.00 What is a project?
0.14 Select regular concert and rehearsals from templates
0.32 Create temporary template to select any number of concerts and rehearsals
0.50 delete or drag individual sessions

Editing Sessions

This video shows how to add artists and repertoire to projects and their sessions.

0.00 Open session to add conductor, soloists and repertoire from the library
0.16 Search for works under composer, title, publication, arrangement
0.41 String Strength
0.52 Change the order of repertoire using drap n’ drop
1.00 Add conductor and soloists
1.20 Set dress code
1.27 Add dress code, repertoire, conductor and soloists to other sessions
1.59 Remove button to remove work or artist from a session
2.16 Right click to add additional session to the project
2.35 Get all button to get all artists for a project or X button to remove
2.54 Select new artist
3.22 Date and time are edited with drag n’ drop
3.40 Add notes to a project or each session, visable to staff or orchestra
3.49 Save to main database for everyone to view

Setting Player Project List

Backstage automatically creates a player list once repertoire has been added to a project using your usual players. See how to edit the list or specify time off.

0.00 Creating player list for each concert
0.25 Using deputy players
0.57 Setting absence/lateness for players
1.49 Alter section sizes
2.00 Confirming players
2.08 Print or export list to Excel
2.17 View unconfirmed seats