About Us & Our Team

Founded in 2003, 2434.com Limited is a software company that specialise in software for performing arts administration. We have developed our understanding of what orchestras need through working with them and their suppliers as well as playing in them. We are the sole developers and distributers for Backstage orchestra management software and also develop custom products for the industry. We are currently developing a new diary service product for the Musicians Answering Service (MAS)

Joth Pigott

Managing Director and Senior Developer.
Joth is the main software developer for Backstage.  He was a violinist in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra & Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet Orchestra before retraining and becoming a full time software developer at Wax Digital.  He started 2434.com in 2003 and began working with the RSNO in 2008 to develop Backstage.

  • Software development 90%
  • Technical support 80%

Lindsay Braga

Support and Marketing
Lindsay is responsible for everything to do with support and marketing.  She builds the website, makes the how-to videos, handles new enquiries and mans the support desk.  Lindsay has worked as a violinist in some of the UKs leading orchestras which gives her the understanding that is needed to respond effectively to support issues.

  • Support 85%
  • Website and marketing 90%

John Braga

Software Developer and Chief Financial Officer
John takes charge of the day-to-day running of 2434.com.  John studied Modern Languages at Cambridge University  before working for IBM and then founding his own software company, Crown Systems.  He is also a highly accomplished flautist and has played for D’oyley Carte.  He brings invaluable knowledge of how to build and run a software company and take it through to the next decade.

  • Software development 80%
  • Tech Support 30%
  • Finance 90%

Working with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Since 2008, 2434.com have also worked extensively with The Royal Scottish National Orchestra, together continuously redesigning and improving BackStage to make it the advanced complete system that it now is.

JOTH PIGOTT, Managing Director of 2434.com joth160x160Without any doubt, the feature I am most pleased with within BackStage is the fact that it has been designed around the needs of a major orchestra by real users working hard in real time. This is the only way to develop software that is genuinely useful to the people that need it. That said, it’s not been easy. Orchestral managers work extremely hard and are often under-resourced and need software that really helps them save time and not make mistakes. When busy people need something, they need it to be right straight away.

I used to play in orchestras before I became a software developer and had an understanding of what was going on. However, that was only the first step in what was needed to design an orchestral administration system from ground up. Many of the staff didn’t really know what they wanted because they didn’t know what was possible with software. On the other hand, I knew what was possible but didn’t really understand exactly what they needed to start with. This in a way sums up the process that’s now been in place for the last few years. I’ve gained enormous understanding of what they need through working with them and they’ve tried things I’ve shown them and told me what does work for them and what doesn’t.

Slowly, by keeping what works and throwing away what doesn’t, we’ve now got the point where we’ve a complete system that can address all their needs. There is always more to be done of course, not to mention continuously modernising the system. However, I do now look back on the process with huge satisfaction at what we’ve achieved. I also have to say that BackStage would not be the product that it is without Nick Lander at the RSNO who has been invaluable in the design and implementation process. His enthusiasm for software and skill in communicating to me what orchestras really needed have enabled us to turn our driving passion for providing the best possible software solution into a reality.

Joth Pigott, Managing Director 2434.com

Nick Lander, Director of Presentation and Operations, Royal Scottish National Orchestra

nicklander160x160Since 2008 RSNO and 2434.com have been working together to design a software system which can manage all aspects of orchestral life from the sketchiest of outline plans to the contracting of musicians and artists and processing of payroll. We wanted the system to run the complexities of a contract orchestra yet have the flexibility required to run a freelance orchestra or smaller chamber orchestra.

We began with the basic idea of creating a system that would, after initial training, require minimum input from the design team. Inputting data into the system should be as simple as possible and report generation should also be straight forward with no additional financial expenditure required to provide the necessary outputs.

The desire for BackStage to be used throughout the RSNO required input from all departments so an extensive series if meetings and email dialogues ensued to specify individual departmental requirements. Following on from these communications each module was released for initial testing, before possibly after some further design, being released to the wider organisation.

As with any new piece of software the process initially involved a fair amount of iteration between RSNO and 2434.com to arrive at an operational system and there were plenty of opportunities to thoroughly test the support network as well as the software. Support is extremely efficient due to the operational setup of backstage. Issues which affect individuals do not affect the ability of colleagues to continue working. Data integrity has been a priority from the beginnning and RSNO have had no issues in this regard.

Nick Lander, Director of Presentation and Operations, Royal Scottish National Orchestra