The complete solution for your concert, marketing, engagement and accounting departments.

Performs all tasks from season building and cost projection to producing searchable reports, schedule documents and updating the main orchestral website.


Backstage was designed for orchestras that need tight control over their finances. Backstage’s phenomenally powerful budgeting tools allow you to cost an entire future season displaying every single payment in a multi-sheet excel document, facilitate financial modelling using the embedded pivot grids and of course, show detailed analysis of actual costs.


The Backstage interface is a highly responsive Outlook-style calendar that shows all events from concerts to receptions allowing all staff to see quickly what is happening and latest changes.  The calendar supports drag-n-drop, templating and advanced ‘pop-ups’ making it quick to view as well as quick to edit.


Backstage has its own integrated word-processor with the functionality of MS Word.  This allows orchestras exceptional control over the design and layout of their schedules and contracts.  Embedded templates and mail-merge make bulk printing & saving high-quality documents quick & simple.


Away from the office?  Backstage Mobile allows orchestras to see their schedule and planning notes from mobile devices such as phones or tablets.  Backstage Mobile runs on all platforms and can store a years worth of an orchestras schedule and 5 years worth of planning notes inside the mobile browser allowing you to view the latest data with the speed and responsiveness of a desktop application.

Our overview video

This brief video provides a quick introduction to the full range of features offered by Backstage

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“Backstage has become a vital part of our concert planning, cost projection, and artist and player booking, replacing a whole multitude of spreadsheets and documents with a single database. It even publishes concert data to our website.”

Kenneth Osborne ACA DChA, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, Royal Scottish National Orchestra

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